Your go-to partner for plant-based culinary adventures.

Your go-to partner for plant-based culinary adventures.

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Our Story

Driven by conscience, we proudly stand as an ethical food company, dedicated to providing wholesome and sustainable choices.

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CBL Natural Foods specializes in providing a diverse range of coconut, fruit & plant-based food and beverages. We serve various industries, including mainstream retail, food ingredients, and HORECA, offering wholesome choices for all. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected throughout our value-chains, ensuring products that are both delectable and environmentally conscious. Experience the taste of goodness with CBL Natural Foods, where ethical values meet exceptional flavour.




Organic Farmer Base


Rooted in local communities,
we cultivate
culinary connections
through innovative
and vegan-friendly
food & beverages.

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Our Products

Fresh, wholesome ingredients.
Delicious flavours.
Nutrient-dense options.
Sustainably sourced.



Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

CecilBio embodies tropical excellence through sustainable practices, ethical sourcing, and innovative technology. Our commitment to community upliftment harmonizes with contemporary production methods that preserve nutrition and flavour. Rooted in small-scale rural farming, we craft a global range of organic treasures. Together, we nurture livelihoods, creating a sustainable community that enriches us all. Join our journey for a taste of paradise and a shared positive impact with CecilBio!

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Our Reach

Our products are present in all corners of the globe.

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Industry Focus

Connecting Diverse Consumers Worldwide through Multichannel Excellence.

We cater to diverse needs of various market segments including mainstream retail, food/beverage industry and HORECA.


Together for a sustainable world: Our green promise to you

We prioritize reducing our carbon footprint through innovative techniques and responsible sourcing. Our commitment extends to efficient production processes and eco-conscious packaging. By carefully managing every aspect of our supply chain, we aim to set a precedent for the industry, demonstrating that responsible food production can coexist with environmental preservation. Our vision is a harmonious future where sustainability is paramount.